Our Aviation Services

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Our Aviation Services

Connectivity for a safe & enjoyable flight experience

We provide flight deck solutions that keep pilots connected and informed, while also reducing flight times and fuel consumption. Our cabin solutions create a more comfortable and efficient travel experience for passengers. And our operations solutions help connect the entire aircraft, from take-off to landing. No matter what your needs are, we have a complete portfolio of satellite services and systems that can help make time on board as safe, efficient, and enjoyable as possible.


Aircraft Data-Link System

Keep your aircraft safely in communication with our data-link system An aircraft data-link system is an important tool for aircraft communication. The system provides data

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Aircraft Cabin Routers

Comprehensive Router Selection for Different Types of Aircraft Aircraft cabin routers are an important part of ensuring that passengers have a positive inflight experience. They

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Aircraft Antenna Systems

Find the perfect antenna system for your aircraft At Orbitshub, we understand that every aircraft has unique navigation and communication needs. That’s why we offer

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Aviation Satellite Services

Wi-Fi, voice, and data connectivity for the aviation industry At Orbitshub, we understand that reliable Satcom solutions are essential for the aviation industry. That’s why

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