S1 Iridium Tracker | Advanced Satellite Tracking Device

S1 Iridium Tracker is an Iridium Satellite tracking device that supports coverage from any given position on the globe. It is built on advanced and intelligent sensor technology in an innovative design with features including extended battery life, easy installation, and robust casing.

It has a battery charged and is ready to last up to 7 years, so you don’t have to worry about the power supply.

It can track and geo-fencing powered and non-powered assets in remote areas.

It can also be fixed inside a closed container to monitor the temperature, shock, and tilt of the cargo/asset. It also alerts if someone opens it.

Installation- Paste it anywhere, hidden or unhidden. It’s indestructible and can be turned off only with software. So no one can mess around.

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S1 Iridium Tracker, the Advanced Satellite Tracking Device- The S1 tracking device and data logger are designed for tracking in the harshest environments and are ideal for businesses that operate outside urban areas without GSM coverage. S1 connects to the IridiumTM Global Network, the world’s furthest-reaching, and most reliable mobile satellite communications network. It truly connects everywhere under one sky, from pole to pole.

  • Furthermore, the IP69k-rated molded device is functional in all weather conditions in temperatures ranging from -30°C to +85°C.
  • This enables more advanced operations, like tracking of sea vessels, endangered species, expeditions, military operations, or air transport. S1 transmits data to the cloud-based management software,
  • Trusted Visibility SuiteTM, which provides complete visibility and predictive analytics. Third-party applications can be implemented via our API.
  • The battery life depends on the number of recorded positions and transmissions the S1 sends to the server. The optimal tracking of sea vessels of 1 position every hour and 1 transmission per day will typically provide a battery life of 8 years.
  • However, a setting of 2 positions and 2 transmissions per day will typically result in a battery life of 7 years. Devices are easy and quick to install and can be fastened to assets with 3M double-sided adhesive tapes, two 4 mm cylinder head screws and bushings, or with strong magnets. For the close-range location, the built-in UHF radio beacon can be activated.

Why Choose A S1 Iridium Tracker?

Anywhere in the globe, the S1 Iridium satellite tracking device will offer position information. Even under the most difficult conditions, it has been tested and has worked well.

However, what distinguishes it from the other items in our collection is its genuinely global connectivity, which is the Iridium satellite network.

Anywhere is what we mean when we say it. It is employed and successfully tested in the Arctic to monitor ice floes and ocean currents, and it has also been running in remote offshore installations. Also, in the African savannah, S1 iridium tracking technology is currently used to monitor endangered wildlife.

Notable Features:

The Sensors:

  • About The Position Sensor:

By being aware of the position of your assets, you can be sure that your equipment is always at the appropriate location at the proper time.

This is ideal for much more than just preventing theft.

Never lose expensive equipment; maintain track of where your assets have been exposed to potential shock, temperature, humidity damage, and so on.

  • About The Temperature Sensor:

In order to comply with general shipping regulations, certain products’ temperature conditions must be maintained within a predetermined range. This is true for both food and drug products, as well as electrical parts.

These trackers provide the following solutions with a temperature accuracy of down to 0.4°C for situations where high-precision temperature data is mission-critical:

Our RHTP devices have wireless RHT sensor tags that are an addition to the original tracking devices and have built-in RHT sensors. One tracker can connect up to four tags.

The tracking device sends time, position, and temperature information to cloud-based software. The automatic information that can be utilized for compliance reports or to set up alarms to alert you if temperature restrictions are exceeded can be found here.

The Software:

The S1 tracker offers the following options via software to visualize the data you wish to see:

  • Keep track of how your resources are being used and conduct online data analysis. 
  1. Consider how all of your important tools and equipment are actually used.
  2. Utilize actual data to carry out timely predictive maintenance and servicing
  3. Identify idle units in your fleet and manage them based on actual usage.
  • Graph data to analyze trends or demonstrate compliance.
  1. Information on the effects of shocks and dips on freight in the supply chain
  2. Documentation of temperature or humidity compliance
  3. look at precise locations for any accidents
  • Get a thorough rundown of your company’s most important assets to start the day.
  1. Find missing or stolen property
  2. Follow shipments throughout the world
  3. Keep a good eye on the vehicles and trailers in the logistics
  • Set up and customize every gadget you own online to meet your specific needs.
  1. Set up alerts for the various types of data that your device should record.
  2. Set up transmission schedules according to your needs.
  3. Control users, sign up for alarms, or organize groups of trackers.

Note: Not available for India due to licensing terms.


Related FAQs

S1 Iridium Tracker is a satellite tracking device and data logger designed for businesses operating in areas without GSM coverage. It uses the Iridium Global Network for communication, making it a truly global solution.


The S1 Iridium Tracker is unique because it offers position information anywhere in the world, thanks to its connectivity to the Iridium satellite network. This makes it ideal for businesses operating in remote areas or harsh environments.


The battery life of the S1 Iridium Tracker depends on the number of positions recorded and transmissions sent to the server. A setting of 1 position and 1 transmission per day will typically provide a battery life of 8 years, while 2 positions and 2 transmissions per day will result in a battery life of 7 years.


The S1 Iridium Tracker can be fastened to assets with 3M double-sided adhesive tapes, two 4 mm cylinder head screws and bushings, or strong magnets.


The S1 Iridium Tracker has a position sensor and a temperature sensor. The position sensor allows you to track the location of your assets, while the temperature sensor helps you maintain the proper temperature conditions for certain products.


Trusted Visibility Suite is the cloud-based management software for the S1 Iridium Tracker. It provides complete visibility and predictive analytics for your assets.


The software for the S1 Iridium Tracker allows you to keep track of resource usage, conduct online data analysis, and set up alerts for specific data. You can also customize your device online, set up transmission schedules, and control users.


No, the S1 Iridium Tracker is not available in India due to licensing terms.


Yes, the S1 Iridium Tracker can be used to track ships. It is designed for tracking in harsh environments and is ideal for businesses that operate outside urban areas without GSM coverage. The device connects to the Iridium Global Network, the world’s most far-reaching and reliable mobile satellite communications network, and is ideal for tracking sea vessels. It can provide information on the location of ships anywhere in the world, even in the harshest conditions, and its built-in temperature sensor can help ensure compliance with shipping regulations.


The dimensions of the S1 Iridium tracker device are 111 mm x 67 mm x 9 mm.