T10 LTE GSM IoT Tracker – Datalogger

T10 LTE GSM IoT Tracker is an IoT tracking device with an inbuilt battery which lasts up to 7 years (no power unit required, already charged for running up to 7 years depending on tracking interval and configuration settings) for long-term tracking and monitoring of assets and equipment globally. It is built on advanced sensor technology and features the low-power network technology LTE Cat-M1, long battery life, easy installation and a robust casing.

It can be used for tracking and geo-fencing powered and non-powered assets like tractor-trailers and cargo trailers.

It can also be fixed inside a closed container to monitor the temperature, shock, and tilt of the cargo/asset. It also alerts if someone opens it.

Installation- Paste it anywhere, hidden or unhidden. It’s indestructible and can be turned off only with software. So no one can mess around.

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Looking for GSM based IoT tracker?

Consider using a tracker with 5 years battery capacity that can be fixed anywhere! Without a need for a power source? Well, we present you T10LTE.

T10 LTE is a unique IoT product featuring the low-power communication technology LTE Cat-M1. It typically offers 7 years battery lifetime based on 1 position/day. The robust casing is suited for all industrial environments and all-weather conditions, with an operating temperature range from -30°C to +85°C. T10LTE provides global connectivity of any asset, powered and non-powered equipment, and entire fleets. It is primarily designed for heavy industries like transport and logistics, construction, wind power, rental, theft protection, and recovery.

T10LTE transmits data to cloud-based management software that provides complete visibility and predictive analytics. It gives insights into the location, performance, and status of assets and equipment. Transmissions can be set at user-fixed intervals, for example, twice per day and if specified events occur. Devices out of data coverage will log sensor input until coverage is available again. The built-in 3-axis accelerometer will trigger accurate data on motion, shock, tilt, and utilization, while other sensors track temperature and light.

External wireless RHT and RFID tags offer humidity sensors and additional temperature data. A flight mode feature suppresses radio transmissions to ensure safe conditions during flight. Positions are acquired by GPS or via mobile network triangulation if GPS is not available. A built-in radio beacon can be activated for close-range locations.

Why Choose A T10 LTE Device?

The lightning-fast 4G/5G LTE networks that are widely and steadily becoming available around the world* are supported by the T10LTE tracking devices and data loggers. The latest LTE trackers use the LTE Cat-M1 low-power network technology. Compared to 3G trackers, this enables faster data transmission speeds, extending the tracker’s battery life.

The LTE trackers are discreet and compact while also being built to withstand the rigors of industry. They are, therefore, ideal anti-theft choices and strong enough to function as data loggers on hammers and breakers. The 10-series is distinguished by the long battery life customers need in logistics, rail, and wind supply chain tracking.

LTE-M is a rapidly expanding technology that is currently accessible across most of Western Europe, all of North America, and the largest markets in South America, East Asia, Australia, and New Zealand.

Notable Features:

  • About The Shock Sensor:

A T10LTE tracking device that is attached provides complete visibility thanks to its integrated shock sensor, also known as an impact recorder in particular industries.

The tracking gadget keeps track of impacts and records them, allowing you to regulate how your equipment is handled or give you information for a compliance report on your transportation.

Capturing shock occurrences even when outside of coverage can warn you in real-time when potential damage events happen or assist you in proving where and when the damage occurred.

  • About The Motion Sensor:

The motion sensor makes it possible to track your assets in sophisticated and very configurable ways.

The motion sensor can be used to monitor whether an asset or piece of equipment is moving in real-time by detecting even the slightest vibrations of the asset where it is mounted.

You can confirm that machines and equipment are being operated in the proper location in conjunction with the GPS chip data. Additionally, you can study the breadcrumb trail of the asset’s movement pattern or route online.

  • About The Radio Beacon Sensor:

You may quickly locate your assets online using the GPS location or triangulation position data from a T10LTE tracking device.

However, lost or stolen property might be kept secret and hidden, making it difficult to find it with only a hazy triangulation position.

A stolen asset may be housed in an enclosed space or on a very large portion of your property, making location determination nearly hard.

But under these circumstances, you might benefit from our radio beacon feature.

The asset tracking program has a radio beacon capability that can be turned on.

Your tracking gadget will start to emit a radio signal that a recovery scanner may detect as soon as it is turned on.


Use the device Data Portal to analyze data from all over your company in graphs, maps, and PDF reports.

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Related FAQs

The T10LTE is an IoT product that features low-power communication technology LTE Cat-M1 and provides global connectivity of assets, powered and non-powered equipment, and entire fleets.

  • Global connectivity through LTE Cat-M1 technology
  • Long battery life of up to 7 years
  • Robust casing suited for all industrial environments and all-weather conditions
  • Built-in 3-axis accelerometer, GPS, and other sensors
  • Cloud-based management software with real-time data analysis
  • Radio beacon feature for theft protection and recovery
  • Flight mode feature for safe conditions during flight


The T10LTE device typically offers 7 years of battery life based on 1 position/day.


The T10LTE device transmits data on the location, performance, and status of assets and equipment, including information on motion, shock, tilt, utilization, temperature, and light.


The T10LTE device uses GPS or mobile network triangulation to acquire positions and transmit data to the cloud-based management software. The built-in sensors and radio beacon feature provide additional data and functionalities for theft protection and recovery.


The radio beacon feature is a function that allows the T10LTE device to emit a radio signal that can be detected by a recovery scanner in case of theft or loss.


Yes, the T10LTE device has a robust casing that can withstand all industrial environments and all-weather conditions, with an operating temperature range from -30°C to +85°C.


The T10LTE device’s cloud-based management software provides complete visibility and predictive analytics, allowing users to analyze data from all over their company in graphs, maps, and PDF reports.


The dimensions of the T10LTE device are 111 mm x 67 mm x 9 mm.