IoT Trackers For Optimizing Wind Industry


Usage In: On-land and Offshore Wind Turbines

How It Helps: 

  • Allows Efficient Production
  • Maintaining an Innovative supply chain
  • Easy And Smooth Assembly

Together We Create a Sustainable, Greener Future With Our Tracking Technology:

The wind industry is increasingly turning to IoT trackers for tracking wind turbines. By attaching these devices to turbines, operators can monitor their performance in real time, identify issues early, and prevent downtime. In addition, IoT trackers can provide valuable data about wind conditions that can be used to optimize turbine placement and improve the overall efficiency of the wind farm. As the wind industry continues to grow, IoT trackers will become an essential part of the ecosystem, helping to ensure that turbines are operated at peak efficiency and providing valuable insight into wind conditions.

Our IoT trackers have been supplied to the significant wind sector for many years.

As a result, we are entirely aware of the difficulties involved in building, moving, and assembling the enormous wind turbines that exist today, both on land and offshore.

The Trusted tracking system is geared toward overcoming the difficulties facing the wind power sector:

  • Establish a daily global supply chain overview.
  • Using precise placements, you may improve logistics and transportation.
  • Check the humidity levels of sensitive equipment or offshore sites.
  • Get intelligent alerts if your cargo is subjected to excessive tilt or shock.
  • Reduce fleet infrastructure while using intelligent tracking.

With our tracking tools and data recorders, you can monitor assets and machinery during production and assembly.


Using the IoT tracking system in wind turbines can yield the following benefits:

  • Efficiency and visibility of the supply chain
  • Keep track of the location of assets.
  • See the transport routes’ breadcrumb trail.
  • Get data on light, shock, tilt, and rotation.
  • Substantiate the safe transportation of products
  • Find and record component deterioration and improper handling
  • Determine when to maintain transport frames
  • After installation, check the temperature and humidity to avoid unhealthy working conditions and equipment failure.
  • Avoid spending a lot of money on repairs or replacements.

Allows Efficient Production:

Our IoT sensors offer a daily assessment of massive production facilities where items could get misplaced or lost.

This comprises avoiding lost equipment and the expense of looking for equipment, machinery, and other assets.

Additionally, our IoT services assist in locating unused transport frames, trailers, or other parts.

Managers can then use the information from tracking devices to shrink infrastructure and reduce operating expenses (CAPEX).

Rely on facts: Put in place a tracking system that enables you to manage facilities using real-world data. Keep an eye on important assets for a position as well as shock, light, tilt, temperature, and humidity.

Maintaining an Innovative supply chain:

Using the Trusted tracking system in your supply chain within a few months of investing will yield tangible benefits.

For modern supply chain management, the overview gained by tracking position and movement is essentially invaluable.

Nevertheless, you may maintain control over the complexities of your supply chain by monitoring the location and the state of important assets like humidity and temperature.

And in case you’re traveling by water or air without a GSM connection, data logging functionalities have you covered.

  • Track position
  • Monitoring G-shock
  • Detection of light and humidity
  • Instantaneously respond with user-specific alarms

Easy And Smooth Assembly:

The industrial wind industry is growing rapidly, with the number of turbines installed increasing by over 50% in the last decade. As the industry expands, so does the need for efficient and effective monitoring and optimization of turbines from production to assembly. This is where IoT trackers come in. By tracking the progress of turbines through the manufacturing process, IoT trackers can help wind farms to reduce costs and improve efficiency. In addition, by monitoring Wind turbines after they have been installed, IoT trackers can help to optimize performance and reduce downtime. As the wind industry continues to grow, IoT trackers will play an increasingly important role in ensuring that turbines are produced and operated efficiently.

Sending assembly professionals to construction sites just to get a damaged gearbox is unnecessary.

Through the tracking device’s sophisticated sensors, drops, extreme tilt, or even dampness can be exposed to delicate equipment while it is in motion.

Our IoT tracking devices can monitor humidity and dew point levels in offshore sites to maintain a safe working environment and prevent corrosion.


Give us a call today to learn more about these IoT data loggers specifically designed to meet the requirements of the Wind Turbine Industry.


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