The Best Quality Automatic Identification System (AIS) For Ship Worldwide.

We offer the best Automatic Identification System (AIS) for a ship from our partner companies. AIS is a shipboard electronics system used to track and identify maritime vessels. The system automatically broadcasts the ship’s position, course, and speed, as well as other information such as vessel size and cargo type. This information is received by other ships and coastal authorities, providing them with real-time data on ship movements. AIS is an essential tool for maritime safety and security, allowing ships to be tracked and monitored at all times. Our AIS systems are of the highest quality and provide accurate data tracking for ships worldwide. If you are in need of an Automatic Identification System for your ship, we are the company to trust.


  • AIS helps you make quick and informed decisions while eliminating the need for guesswork.
  • You’ll never have to worry about target swapping or blind sectors again.
  • AIS is not weather-dependent, so you can be confident in your data no matter the conditions.
  • Real-time data means that there is no delay in receiving information from the radar – you’ll always be ahead of the game.

Automatic Identification System – The Most Significant Advancement in Mariner’s Safe Navigation

Since the invention of radar, AIS (Automatic Identification System) has been the mariner’s most significant advancement in navigation safety. The system was initially created as a collision avoidance tool to make it possible for commercial vessels to “see” each other more clearly under all circumstances and to increase the helmsman’s awareness of his immediate surroundings. This is accomplished using AIS, which continuously broadcasts a vessel’s identification, position, speed, and course in addition to other relevant data to all other AIS-equipped vessels nearby. This method gives port authorities and maritime safety organizations the capacity to control maritime traffic and lessen the risks associated with marine navigation when used in combination with a shore station.

AIS In SAR operations:

AIS was declared mandatory worldwide for all passenger ships and boats above 300 gross tonnes in 2002 because of the significant safety advantages it provides. AIS offers accurate target identification, together with static and dynamic data. This increases the effectiveness of navigation and can significantly improve the mariners’ situational awareness and decision-making skills. SAR operations can be used to receive messages from survival vessels equipped with AIS-SAR transmitters (SART), which have built-in GPS receivers to determine precise positional data. AIS may enable the direct presentation of the position on various displays, such as radar, electronic chart systems, and ECDIS, in combined aerial and surface searches. Are you looking for the best AIS and more details on them? Fill in our contact form and get the apt solution from the experts.

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