Electronic Chart Display And Information System (ECDIS)

Electronic Chart Display and Information System, or ECDIS, is a vital tool for any ship at sea. It allows the crew to see real-time data on the position and status of the ship, as well as any nearby obstacles or hazards. In addition, ECDIS can be used to generate digital nautical charts, which are more accurate and up-to-date than traditional paper charts. At Electronic Marine Systems, we are proud to offer the best ECDIS products available on the market. Our partner companies are leaders in the maritime industry, and their products are used by some of the largest shipping companies in the world. Whether you need a simple system for a small vessel or a complex system for a large tanker, we can provide you with the right solution. Contact us today to learn more about our ECDIS products and how they can improve safety at sea.


  • Real-time processing and display of all information
  • Eases passage planning process
  • All navigational information is available at a glance
  • Highlights and alarms dangerous situations
  • Chart corrections are easier with ECDIS than with paper charts
  • Tailor charts to meet specific voyage requirements
  • Overlay other navigational equipment for better situational awareness
  • Zoom in and out to examine details as necessary

Do You Know That ECDIS Helps Your Ships With Sophisticated Navigation & Route Planning? 

In today’s technology age, paper charts are not going to remain the mainstay of voyage planning and charting. Now that your shipping business has access to the latest Electronic Chart Display And Information Systems (ECDIS), it can operate at its peak efficiency, removing the time-consuming responsibilities associated with maintaining paper charts in favor of superior technology that meticulously organizes, tracks, and schedules your travel without the possibility of human error. Nowadays, ships are equipped with a sophisticated route planning, navigation, and charting system called the Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) that enables its members to precisely plan their journeys and reduce risk along the way. It has been demonstrated that using this cutting-edge technology can assist mariners in avoiding and mitigating potentially hazardous situations like bad weather, natural disasters, and security threats by accurately warning crew members of impending risks and assisting them in rerouting their initial trajectories. This is helpful for maintaining national security as well as the safety and survival of Mariners. Our ECDIS solutions from our trusted partners are 100% compliant with IMO and SOLAS regulations and adaptable to meet any purposes you require, with an industry-leading coverage of international ports and routes. Keep up with the competition with the complete ECDIS systems, which makes navigation and passage planning simple, flexible, and quick. Let’s assist you in delivering trips that always go off without a hitch. Are you looking for the best ECDIS and more details on them? Fill in our contact form and get the apt solution from the experts.

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