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We are proud to offer the best Fleet broadband- FBB for ships from our partner companies. data and voice services keep everyone connected while at sea, whether it’s for business or pleasure. Fleet broadband- FBB offers data speeds of up to 150Mbps and Voice over IP (VoIP), so you can stay in touch with loved ones ashore. The FBB150 package is perfect for small to medium-sized vessels, while the FBB250 and FBB500 packages are ideal for larger ships. All packages come with a powerful antenna that provides excellent coverage, even in rough seas. So if you’re looking for the best fleet broadband solution for your ship, look no further than us


  • FBB is an always-on data service for applications, providing guaranteed rates for live applications like video conferencing and database synchronization
  • Satellite voice offers voicemail and other enhanced call management options, including caller identification, caller barring, and calls forwarding
  • Prepay, and post-paid options are available
  • 505 Emergency Calling puts vessels directly in contact with a Maritime Rescue Co-ordination center (MRCC) free of charge for distress calls
  • SMS and fax are also supported

Why should you use a Fleet Broadband Onboard Your Ships?

FleetBroadband is the first maritime communications service to offer affordable broadband data and voice services globally, with a small antenna.
Sea life has never been simple. No matter where your ship is, the improved connection is necessary to meet the rising economic demands on ship operations. The Master is responsible for various tasks in addition to navigation, including updated weather reports, planning routes, purchasing supplies, and enabling crew members to communicate with their families by phone and email or read the most recent football scores online.
In addition to everything else, you also need to maintain strict financial management.
You can take on these difficulties head-on thanks to FleetBroadband. Your ship enters the IP era with the help of Inmarsat’s next-generation service. FleetBroadband still offers the essential phone and ISDN data and the functionality of our current marine services; nevertheless, if you aren’t yet ready to switch to IP.
You can be sure that you’re selecting a reliable platform for the future because it is delivered via the most cutting-edge commercial communications satellites ever launched, which are anticipated to be in use into the 2020s. FleetBroadband, which is based on 3G standards, offers consistent, concurrent access to voice and high-speed data services on a global scale.
You can transmit and receive huge file attachments in emails and easily handle complicated data using voice calls and applications simultaneously, more reasonably than recently. The terminal is swift and simple to install, and you can depend on that it has undergone testing and been approved to satisfy the strict requirements of Inmarsat. No matter the kind or size, FleetBroadband provides a compact solution that is readily accommodating and supplies you with, no matter what, optimal connectivity, either your location or maritime conditions.

How to buy it?

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