We offer the best marine MF/HF SSB radio for ships from our partner companies. The DSC (Digital Selective Calling) feature of this radio allows the user to send and receive digital messages as well as voice calls. This is a key advantage over traditional analog radios. The GMDSS (Global Maritime Distress and Safety System) is an internationally recognized system that uses MF/HF radios to help vessels in distress. This system is mandatory for all commercial vessels operating beyond coastal waters. Our marine radio is compliant with GMDSS regulations and offers superior performance. The MF/HF Handheld Radio is a portable unit that is ideal for use on small vessels or in emergency situations. It has all the features of a full-size radio but is compact and easy to use. The SSB Unit provides superior performance and reliability for ship-to-shore communications. It is also compliant with GMDSS regulations. The Telex Radio Dispatch System is a proven and reliable way to manage maritime communications. It is used by major shipping companies around the world. We offer the best marine radio products from leading manufacturers, so you can be sure you are getting the best possible value for your money. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.


  • Get weather and safety warnings to keep you safe while on the water
  • Receive GMDSS and DSC procedures to know what to do in an emergency
  • Stay up-to-date with Navtex and SafetyNET information, so you can avoid dangerous areas
  • Connect with other boaters and get information about ports and marinas
  • Make satellite or radiotelephone calls when there is no cell phone service available

Advanced Long-Distance Radio Communication For Your Vessels

A high-tech device called an MF/HF radio station is used to receive and send messages between vessels in medium and high-frequency bands. Typically, it consists of an antenna, a control block, and a transceiver. An MF/HF radio is a crucial gear for any vessel traveling across oceans and seas and for those operating offshore because it allows for long-distance radio communication. Since MF/HF radio is a crucial component of GMDSS, most ships are required to install it in conformity with global safety standards. Radiotelephony, narrow-band direct printing, and DSC over great distances are all made possible by the ship’s MF/HF system. A TELEX terminal should be installed with an MF/HF radio system with DSC. The system must partake in the GMDSS survey every year. All radios have been created and built to meet the need for dependable safety and communication equipment at sea. High performance and ease of use are crucial elements, particularly in emergency situations where equipment needs to be simple to use. An MF/HF radio is a crucial piece of gear for any ship traveling on international trade routes or working offshore since it provides long-distance radio communication. Due to the fact that MF/HF radios are a component of GMDSS, many ships are required by international safety requirements to have a system. The 150W, 250W, and 500W systems in the MFHF family are appropriate for use on all vessel classes, whether for approved GMDSS use or not (150W also has an FCC-approved variation). So choose the best MFHF radios for your vessels and learn more details about them. Fill in our contact form and get the apt solution from the experts.