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At Orbitshub, we pride ourselves on providing the best possible navigational tools and services for our customers. One of the ways we do this is by offering navtex receivers from some of the best partner companies in the business. Navtex is a global maritime distress and safety system that uses telex technology to send and receive navigational information. It is an essential tool for any ship at sea, and our receivers are some of the most reliable on the market. In addition to navtex receivers, we also offer GMDSS antennas and other navigational equipment. Whether you need a new receiver or just a replacement antenna, we have the products you need to stay safe at sea. Contact us today to learn more about our navigational products and services.


  • Improve safety at sea with real-time maritime weather alerts
  • Keep crews and passengers informed of changing conditions
  • Receive updates on important navigational information
  • Get forecasts, alerts, and notices for your area

Do you know that NAVTEX is your predefined safety device in your ship’s journey?

As of August 1, 1993, ships must comply with a rule established by the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS). By employing this device, the Navy, Coast Guard, or National Navigation Authority relay information to ships without any charges.
A Navtex station is responsible for sending information to a predetermined area. This is referred to as the Navtex station’s service area. When a Navtex station is originally set up, the country’s Navtex coordinator chooses the station’s service area. The Navtex coordinator, who in turn gets these messages from numerous sources, sends them to the Navtex station. The Meteorological Office, the Hydrographic Office, and the Rescue Coordination Centers (RCC) are some of these sources.
Apart from these, one must know the transmitter range of a Navtex station, what kind of messages it sends out, during which time interval these alerts are being sent, and the message format in which Navtex messages are received.
So, Are you looking for the best Navtex solutions and much more details on it? Fill in our contact form and get the best in the market.

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