Our GSM/GPS and satellite-based trackers are specially designed to keep your assets safe and sound while you’re on the move. With asset tracking capabilities and anti-theft functionality, our trackers are perfect for a wide range of applications, including transport and logistics, construction, wind power, rental, and theft protection and recovery. GSM/GPS Trackers use high-quality batteries designed for safe flight operations that comply with flight safety regulations. Models include satellite-based trackers as well. GSM/GPS tracking technology is far more compact than alternatives, making it ideal for a wide range of applications where size is important such as fleet management. Global coverage is also possible with GSM/GPS tracking, thanks to the wide availability of GSM networks around the world.


  • The longest battery life on the market: 10 years!
  • Easy installation: peel and stick
  • Robust casing: weatherproof and tamper-proof
  • Stay informed of your shipment’s whereabouts at all times

Do You Know How GSM & Satellite Trackers Help You With Reliable Tracking & Monitoring?

We provide tracking devices from our partners that can be used to monitor assets, cars, people, and more. These tracking devices gather GPS location data and other users- or application-specific data, which is subsequently communicated through a satellite or GSM network. Many of these devices can be used anywhere in the world. This data may be read practically instantly through a secure login on a computer or smartphone. Our partnered tracking devices range from small, battery-operated GPS handhelds to bigger, permanent mount gadgets that can send messages for at least five years. Geo-fencing, two-way texting, and emergency response requests through the GEOS Rescue Coordination Center are additional features that some of our trackers provide. The following is where satellite trackers and GSM trackers diverge most: The satellite tracking tools have 100% global coverage, allowing them to broadcast position data via a satellite network no matter where you or your asset goes in the world. In contrast, GSM trackers can only communicate this data through a mobile phone network, which puts them at a significant disadvantage over satellite trackers when deployed in an area with poor mobile phone availability. The advantages of GSM trackers are improved safety, lower operational costs, and theft recovery, whereas Satellite trackers are ideal for remote operations and have the ultimate reliability and connectivity features. Get your best GSM or satellite trackers from our brand partners today. Fill in our contact form and get in touch with us.

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