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Reasons to use real-time GSM trackers

Real-time global tracking data: Live GSM tracking solutions are beneficial to more than just logistics companies with complex supply chains. GSM trackers have a number of benefits: Unlike GPS trackers, data about movement, position, light changes, and temperature may be transmitted from anywhere in the world, wherever cellular networks exist. As a result, global supply chain monitoring is. Because GSM trackers are so energy efficient, they can run for up to a year on a single charge. Unlike scanning and RFID-based track-and-trace technologies, no costly infrastructure expenditures are required. There are numerous other applications for GSM-based real-time trackers, in addition to obvious benefits for the logistics industry with its complicated supply chains. Let’s have a look!

GSM trackers for postal and logistics companies: achieving transparency in complex networks.

Many partners and firms make up the supply chains of postal and logistics companies. Lack of transparency regarding processes in diverse areas of responsibility is prevalent in these complex networks, and the causes of loss times are frequently unknown. Within complicated networks, GSM trackers provide exact insights into delivery, handover, sorting, and logistics activities. Their data enables them to discover supply chain deviations and irregularities, as well as respond quickly to warnings prompted by any abnormalities. Specific concerns about process flows and delays can be answered using tracker data, and a deeper understanding of the structures and processes within the company can be gained. Moreover, data-driven quality monitoring can be built on top of measurements made with GSM live tracker technology, allowing for in-depth analyses of logistics processes. When does a shipment arrive at the depot, and when does it depart? Which path between sorting centers is the most efficient? Real-time tracking, for example, can provide crucial information regarding the delivery process for parcel shipments. The tracker dependably delivers position information at predetermined measurement intervals, which works even if the shipment is in a container or building, owing to GSM technology.

How insurance firms may benefit from real-time GSM trackers to reduce the risk of damage and loss

Because identifying persons responsible for claims is frequently a lengthy process, insurance firms value the capacity to reliably monitor valued items and shipments. It is possible to determine where and in whose area of responsibility damage has happened due to the robust and worldwide coverage of GSM trackers. Furthermore, insurance companies can recognize key circumstances and reduce potential damage using tracking data.

Automotive manufacturing process optimization: real-time tracking

For just-in-time production in the automotive industry, complete supply chain transparency is critical. GSM trackers make it possible to keep track of international delivery in real-time: Components needed for production can be tracked to harmonize operations and improve collaboration with subcontractors and transportation partners. Alarms are sent out when components are late so downstream operations can be changed. It is possible to look at the causes of the distribution chain’s delay. Trackers can also be installed to track finished vehicles till delivery.

Keeping up with the Fast pace: Effective Container Management with Global Tracking

Because it didn’t know where its containers were, a big logistics business lost up to 1 billion Euros each year. In the highly competitive container logistics market, container fleet management based on active container tracking provides for flexible response to supply and demand requirements and is the key to operational efficiency and cost savings. Large container fleets can be supplied with live trackers at competitive prices thanks to minimizing operational costs. The trackers transmit data both indoors and outdoors, allowing the precise location of a container to be identified at any time, anywhere in the world where mobile networks or Wi-Fi are available. Information from within buildings is also provided to the tracker. As a result, container inventory may be completed at the touch of a button, allowing for more effective fleet management, cost savings, and improved customer service.

Anti-theft devices include live GSM trackers that can be used to locate rental automobiles and other high-end machines.

When it comes to sticking to contract restrictions, it’s critical for rental car firms to keep an eye on their own vehicles. With live trackers, an unlawful trip overseas in a rented vehicle can be recognized promptly. GSM trackers can be hidden in or beneath a vehicle, making them perfect for car rental companies. These are essential for the theft prevention of rental automobiles and any high-value equipment because they use very little energy and may work for months without electricity. In the case of suspected theft, vehicles could be recorded promptly and tracked in real-time, assisting investigations. Vehicle geolocation with real-time trackers has generated a much greater rate of theft investigations and secured rental automobiles for a leading car rental firm in Europe.

The possibilities for using real-time GSM trackers in tracking solutions are unlimited. Any cargo and shipment tracking, container handling, inventory and asset management, quality monitoring, process, and project collaboration can all be supported by GSM trackers. They can be used in any situation that requires additional visibility, such as in complex, worldwide supply chains. Spectos employs Kizy Tracking’s GSM trackers to conduct in-depth assessments and investigations of logistical processes in order to identify the core causes of delays and losses.

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