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Want to know which are the best GPS trackers in India? At this moment, GPS vehicle tracking is a relatively mature technology that both fleet GPS Tracking systems and individual drivers throughout the globe use. There are probably thousands of individuals utilizing GPS right now as you read this to go where they need to go because it is trustworthy and safe.

We wanted to rapidly describe the system for anyone curious about how the Global Positioning System performs given all the loopholes and corns of it since we still periodically receive inquiries about how it operates and how to choose the best GPS TRACKER.

Best GPS Trackers

We have collected the best GPS trackers in India by analyzing various reviews, pricing and after-sale support listed below for your hassle-free procurement. And what’s best? All our listed products are available on the Amazon marketplace!

Onelap GO – Wireless GPS Tracker

Onelap GO – Wireless GPS Tracker: The package includes a wireless GPS tracking device with a 10000 mAh battery (compatible with whatever you wish to track), a USB charging connection, and a 12-month subscription to Android and iOS apps. Free unlimited data plan and replacement warranty claim invoice (Made in India)

Live GPS Tracking And Past Travel Information: The Susceptible GPS chip transmits the car’s precise position to our cloud servers. Our user-friendly mobile app lets you view your vehicle’s current location and a day’s worth of driving data.

Analytics: Uses intelligent, interactive graphs to provide daily statistics about a vehicle, including its total distance travelled, run time, idle time, halt time, highest speed, and average speed.

Define safe zones on a map and receive warnings when a vehicle enters or departs those zones by setting geo-fences and exceeding speed restrictions.

Battery Backup And Voice Monitoring: Depending on how frequently the car is moved, battery backup varies from customer to customer. Vehicles owned by consumers can travel for numerous kilometres or only a few. Our clients have experienced battery backup lasting anywhere from 12 to 40 days. Additionally, we may utilize the gadget to make calls and hear nearby voices (You need to use your sim for this feature only).

This will help to give a clear concept of the product after assessing its features, benefits, and downsides in addition to other aspects. Online, there are several tools available for creating false reviews. The same brand can post a favourable or unfavourable judgment from a rival to get rid of them. The best method is to check Amazon. in reviews and the “confirmed purchase” section. However, I am here to choose the honest evaluations for you; let’s investigate

Positive Onelap GO – Wireless GPS Tracker Review

The OneLap mini plus I received today is entirely different from what is depicted on Amazon. Built and design are not at all comparable! The fact that there is no cover within the gadget once the rear cover has been removed worries me the most. It may not be IPx5 water-resistant.

I’m now having trouble connecting to GSM and GPS. Red and orange LED lighting is used. I’m unable to obtain blue and green.

I’m curious if I got a duplicate of the product! I’ll try putting it up once again and report the outcome.

It currently has one star.

It was updated as promised. 

Following the review mentioned above, customer service called me right away.

According to what I’ve been told, OneLap altered the design of their gadget, which accounts for the difference in appearance and construction but appears to have improved tracking capabilities.

The colour of the led lights is another significant modification. It no longer shines in green and blue but instead in RED and orange.

This means that it is not a duplicate item.

Regarding USAGE/FUNCTIONS: I enjoy the anti-theft features. Alert is prompt and precise! Geofencing is also effective.

My Requests/Suggestions To OneLap: The anti-theft function should remain switched on until I turn it off within the app. For the time being, every time I turn off the alarm, the anti-theft feature is also turned off and needs to be reactivated inside the app.

Additionally, I cannot turn off the engine using the app; however, this is likely due to improper wiring on my part rather than a problem with the device.

I’ve been promised assistance with this by OneLap. So, thank you to the group.

The rating is currently three stars.

Once I’ve set up the engine cut-off with the assistance of the One-lap team, I’ll update again.

after a 1year of usage

I wanted to share my experience after 1year of usage.

I’ve used this gadget for about a year (11 months), and I’m happy to report that I’m thrilled with it. This GPS tracker has yet to fail me, saving me from the rare latency while retrieving analytics data! Even now, the tracker’s accuracy is impressive, especially given that I’m from a remote region of India called Mizoram, where the cellular network isn’t the best. Despite these challenges, my OneLap GPS tracker is unquestionably functioning well.



I’ve also been urging all of my friends to check it out.

Negative Onelap GO – Wireless GPS Tracker Review:

One lap Micro Plus was what I bought. Installing it is challenging. The location needs to be more accurate. Every time you turn the bicycle. After two hours, you will receive the notice. They offer wire for inferior grades. Within two or three months, harm is likely to occur. Right away, I was having a lot of issues. They can’t also fix it. My gadget isn’t working right now. In all honesty, the narrative is accurate. I was travelling while riding my bike. The electricity to my motorcycle was cut off, and there is no indication now. Late at night, I am still trying to figure out what to do. We are stuck on the side of the road without assistance, which has me and my scared a lot.

My home is so far away it was nearly 350km. I don’t know what to do. Suddenly I thought to check with the battery then I figured out the relay got burned. So I thought to connect the wire to start the bike. I must determine which wire goes where or needs to communicate with which wire. It was a challenging situation—very the worst tracker. You can see the picture in which the relay got burned. I have attached the picture. Then I received a new relay to install. Then the bike works very fine.

But suddenly. It’s not working now, and they are asking 200+ for new wire. They don’t even answer your call. I like to get a refund for this worst product. Please don’t purchase this item. Kindly shop around and get the finest one.

Best GPS Trackers Under 5K to 10K

Many of us consider GPS Trackers under 10,000 to be the stuff of dreams. As customers, we increasingly use low-cost GPS trackers to access cutting-edge services without spending a fortune. With current market options like Amcrest 4G LTE GPS Tracker, Philips GoPure GP5212, and Track Waterproof Magnetic Box for GPS Tracker + 3500mAh Battery Extender, even those on tighter budgets can get their hands on gadgets stuffed with valuable features like Magnetic Tracker, Durable waterproof GPS tracker box protects the Tracking device from extreme weather conditions such as rain, sand, and snow. Here is an essential list that we’ve put together with the best GPS trackers available for less than INR 10,000. Why then wait? Let’s examine the most excellent and worst reviews in depth to determine which is most appropriate for you.

Amcrest 4G LTE GPS Tracker :

A portable, real-time GPS tracker using 4G LTE The GPS Tracker uses a robust countrywide 4G LTE network to deliver real-time updates to your smartphone using the GPS app, which is available on the Apple Store and Google Play.

Positive Amcrest 4G LTE GPS Tracker Review:

This product was a time-sensitive issue and did not work at all. I called and emailed customer service, and their service could be better. Don’t bother calling them at all, as the phone operators are useless and tell you to email. I am returning the product as we speak and attempting to get 20(USD) back for the plan I had to pay for, but I am at the mercy of the email team here…

The app needs to be updated to boot.

I would not recommend this product. If you have the time to get through this horrendous customer service and have a gambling addiction, then maybe buy this product…

Negative Amcrest 4G LTE GPS Tracker Review:

This product was time-sensitive and could have been more effective. I contacted customer support by phone and email, and they could have provided better service. Calling them is utterly pointless because the operators will direct you to email and are generally worthless. I am currently returning the item and trying to receive 20 (USD) back for the plan I had to purchase, but it m at the email team’s mercy. In addition, the app needs to be updated. I would not suggest this item. If you have a gambling addiction and the patience to endure this terrible customer service, consider purchasing this item.

Best GPS Trackers Under 5K

Acumen GPS Tracker Y 100

ACUMEN TRACK offers various GPS services to a diverse nationwide audience. They have a highly developed tracking platform for software. Over 50000 users have used our platform in India over the past five years. Customers and organizations can track their vehicles and feel at ease with their best-in-class tracking software, which has many complex capabilities.

Positive Acumen GPS Tracker Y 100 Review:

It was working well. Battery backup for around one day.

Around a 20-meter difference from the live location.

Daily needs to be a charge. Customer support is good. They will assist during office hours.

Negative Acumen GPS Tracker Y 100 Review:

Only you have to apply a sim, and it’s magnetic so that you can paste it anywhere, but it can’t work while charging

NV Prime Car/Bike Waterproof NXT GEN GPS Tracker:

  • Build Quality: Powerful Chipset with a five-year warranty
  • Made In India: GPS with Included subscription of Android & IOS.
  • Install Easy 10 mins installation in any vehicle.

Positive NV Prime Car/Bike Waterproof NXT GEN GPS Tracker Review:

Been six months on with this product, and I can say it’s worth the purchase.

Negative NV Prime Car/Bike Waterproof NXT GEN GPS Tracker Review:

Forcing to pay additional for Airtel connection, that too recharge through them only.

Ajjas – Waterproof GPS Tracker:

  • Package: GPS tracker device (Compatible with bike and car) with a pre-activated inbuilt sim card + 1-month data + Free 1-year on-door replacement warranty + Android and iOS app.
  • Live GPS Tracking with Ride History: Ajjas GPS tracker shows you the accurate location of your bike and car, ride history, and motion tracking even when the Engine is turned OFF

Positive Ajjas – Waterproof GPS Tracker Review:

Friendly GPS which is very accurate and easy to install. I installed this device in my car before starting my long trip to Rameshwaram. I covered almost 3250 km in a one-week duration. This device capture nearly accurate data during the journey like total km covered, full fuel consumed, average fuel consumed, average speed, time duration of the trip, and Overspeed details in a map .and I have downloaded a video of my journey on the map. I stayed in the hotel and continued watching my car’s position even its parked roadside .overall nice experience with this device.

Negative Ajjas – Waterproof GPS Tracker Review:

Hey, everyone, I thought all the features mentioned in the description were free, but after buying the product and installing the app, I realized That it takes money, guys.

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