India has many different scenery and cultural history, so it’s no surprise that cruise ship fans love going there. It has a long shoreline and many rivers, so people who want a unique and luxurious cruising experience have a lot of choices. It has a wide range of cruises along the beautiful Ganges River and the calm backwaters of Kerala. These trips are perfect for people with various tastes and interests. 

Ganga Vilas Cruise: Embark on a Spiritual Journey

One of India’s most remarkable cruise ship experiences is the Ganga Vilas Cruise. This magnificent vessel, the first cruise ship ever built in India, sets sail from Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, embarking on a spiritual journey along the sacred Ganges River. As you cruise along the picturesque river, you will witness the enchanting landscapes, ancient temples, and vibrant culture that define the heart of India. The 51-day journey covers a distance of 3,200 kilometers, traversing 27 different river systems across five states in India and Bangladesh.

Sunderban Luxury Cruise: Immerse Yourself in the Wild

The Sunderban Luxury Cruise is a dream come true for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers. Navigating through the mesmerizing Sunderbans, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this cruise offers a captivating journey into the heart of the mangrove forests. As you sail along the Padma, Brahmaputra, and Meghna rivers, you will encounter a rich variety of flora and fauna, including the renowned Royal Bengal Tigers. The cruise also provides enriching folk theater performances, allowing you to immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture. 

Cruising India's Coasts_ A Journey on the Finest Ships

M.V Mahabaahu Cruise: Discover the Northeastern Gems

If you want to explore the hidden gems of India’s northeastern states, the M.V. Mahabaahu Cruise is the perfect choice. This beautifully painted ship takes you on a trip through the beautiful scenery of Assam and Tezpur. You can get a feel for the area’s lively culture and stunning natural beauty. The cruise provides a range of onboard amenities, including a spa, swimming pool, and jacuzzi, ensuring a relaxing and indulgent experience. You can also participate in cooking classes, witness captivating cultural performances, and even spot the elusive one-horned rhinos that roam the region. The M.V. Mahabaahu Cruise promises a well-rounded vacation filled with unforgettable memories.

Lakshadweep Cruise: Paradise on the Arabian Sea

The Lakshadweep Cruise is a must-try experience for those seeking a tropical paradise. The Lakshadweep Islands, located in the Arabian Sea, offer pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and a vibrant underwater world. The cruise allows you to visit the local communities and immerse yourself in the unique way of life on these islands. From turtle walking to coral reef walking and bird watching to thrilling water sports like jet skiing. 

The Luxury Vrinda: Explore the Backwaters of Kerala

Kerala’s backwaters are renowned for their serene beauty and tranquil atmosphere, and The Luxury Vrinda cruise offers a luxurious way to experience them. This elegant cruise ship provides passengers many amenities, including onboard meals and deluxe luxury cabins. As you glide through the picturesque backwaters of Alleppey, you can choose to take part in off-board activities such as house boating, witnessing cultural dances, and even trying your hand at fishing.

The Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda Cruise: A Luxurious Voyage

Another splendid option for exploring the backwaters of Kerala is The Oberoi Motor Vessel Vrinda Cruise. This cruise ship offers a truly luxurious experience, with a 16-seat dining area serving delectable international and regional delicacies. The ship’s opulent bar and chic conference room cater to the diverse needs of passengers, ensuring a memorable and comfortable journey. The onboard facilities, including upscale bellboy and butler services, add to the overall luxury of the experience. 

Navigating the Best Cruise Ship Experiences in India

River Ganges Heritage Cruise: A Historical Journey

For history lovers and culture enthusiasts, the River Ganges Heritage Cruise offers a fascinating glimpse into the rich heritage of eastern India. Sailing along the 260-kilometer route dotted with historical sites, religious locations, and eco-friendly habitations, this cruise takes you on a seven-day journey through time.  

Goa Cruise: Sunsets and Serenity

Known for its vibrant beaches and lively atmosphere, Goa offers a unique cruising experience along the Mandovi River. As you sail, you will be treated to breathtaking sunsets and peaceful surroundings. The river cruise welcomes tourists with local cuisine, folk music, and dance, providing a taste of Goan culture. With the possibility of spotting dolphins and enjoying alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, the Goa Cruise offers a perfect blend of relaxation and entertainment. 

Costa Neo Classica Cruise: All-Inclusive Luxury

Costa Neo Classica Cruise offers a range of vacation packages, allowing you to unwind and indulge in all-inclusive luxury. Departing from Mumbai and traveling to the Maldives, this cruise ship boasts 654 cabins, 428 of which have private balconies, offering stunning ocean views.  

Kerala Backwater Cruise: A Tranquil Escape

Every exploration of cruising in India would only be complete with experiencing the beauty of Kerala’s backwaters. A cruise through the maze-like system of rivers, inlets, lagoons, and lakes transports you to a world of tranquility and natural splendor. Departing from Alleppey, often called the “Venice of the East,” these cruises offer a unique perspective on Kerala’s rich cultural heritage. Through the picturesque backwaters, you’ll see traditional villages, lush flora, and local life.

The Top Cruise Ship Destinations in India

Andaman Islands Cruise: Tropical Paradise Beckons

The Andaman Islands offer a true tropical paradise with their lush green landscapes and pristine beaches. Numerous cruise lines provide the opportunity to explore the wonders of these islands, immersing yourself in the region’s breathtaking beauty. Ocean adventures like canoeing, kayaking, fishing, and snorkeling let you explore the aquatic environment. Departing from ports such as Kolkata, Vizag, and Chennai, these cruises provide a gateway to the Andaman Islands’ serene beauty. 


1. Are there cruise ships in India?

Yes, there are cruise ships in India. India has a growing cruise tourism industry, and several cruise lines operate there.

2. Where can I find cruise ships in India?

Cruise ships in India can be found in various ports nationwide, including Mumbai, Chennai, Kochi, and Goa. These ports serve as starting points for many popular cruise itineraries.

Some popular cruise destinations in India include the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Lakshadweep Islands, Goa, Kerala’s backwaters, and the Brahmaputra River in Assam. These destinations offer scenic beauty, cultural experiences, and adventure activities.

4. What facilities can I expect on a cruise ship in India?

Indian cruise ships have comfortable accommodations or staterooms, restaurants providing diverse cuisines, theaters, casinos, swimming pools, spas, fitness centers, and shopping arcades.

5. Are there any luxury cruise ships in India?

Yes, there are luxury cruise ships available in India. These luxury cruises offer high-end amenities, world-class dining experiences, luxurious accommodations, and personalized services to enhance the cruising experience. Some famous luxury cruise lines in India include Royal Caribbean, Costa Cruises, and Norwegian Cruise.

Unforgettable Voyages_ Choosing the Right Cruise Ship in India

Embark on an Unforgettable Journey

India’s cruise ship options offer various experiences catering to diverse interests and preferences. Each cruise promises a unique and unforgettable adventure, from spiritual journeys along the Ganges to luxurious voyages through Kerala’s backwaters. Whether you seek tranquility, wildlife encounters, cultural immersion, or a luxury escape, India’s cruise ships have something to offer. 

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