Dubai Maritime City (DMC) stands as a versatile maritime zone and a member of the DP World group of companies. Initially slated for full operation by 2012, the development had achieved 80% completion of its first phase’s infrastructure works by January 2021. In February 2022, DP World announced a substantial project, investing Dh140 million to enhance DMC’s infrastructure. The industrial facet of Dubai Maritime City is fully functional, housing numerous business partners. The industrial precinct encompasses marine services, prominently featuring ship lifts, ship repair plots, warehouses, workshops, alongside retail and showroom spaces.

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Zones and Districts

  1. Maritime Centre District: At the heart of DMC, this urban corporate park consists of eight waterfront parcels and three interior parcels centered around a main boulevard. It features the Creek Towers and Plaza, the iconic Landmark Tower, as well as designated plots for potential developers. The district will also include a 5-star business hotel and premium service apartments.
  2. Industrial Precinct: This active sector is dedicated to ship repair facilities, yacht chartering, manufacturing, workshops, and warehousing. It includes ship repair plots, two ship lifts, workshops, and warehouses. Grandweld Shipyards is a key player, offering a range of ship repair services and vessel construction.
  3. Dubai Maritime City Campus: Located centrally, it offers marine-focused education in marine engineering, transportation, naval science, and more. Accompanied by amenities like a mosque, business hotel, convention center, and library.
  4. Marina District and Harbor Residences: Catering to yacht owners, this mixed-use area encompasses restaurants, retail spaces, and entertainment facilities. It provides the opportunity to construct high-rise residential towers.
  5. Harbor Offices: Overlooking the harbor, this zone provides 19 plots for office tower development and holds significance due to its proximity to the causeway connecting DMC to the rest of Dubai.

Features and Facilities

  • Infrastructure: The industrial plots within DMC are well-equipped with infrastructure, including upgraded utilities, electricity, water, and fire safety systems.
  • Warehousing: Modern warehouses are strategically designed based on the latest storage and material handling technology, accommodating various sizes to support maritime businesses.
  • Security: DMC maintains a secure environment with round-the-clock security personnel, CCTV cameras, and adherence to health, safety, and environmental policies.
  • Ship Repair and Maintenance: DMC offers ship repair services, including berthing and the utilization of ship lifts for companies in the region. Booking can be done online.
  • Integrated Maritime Services: DMC serves as an integrated network offering a range of services, be it industrial, regulatory, or infrastructure-related, to support various aspects of the maritime industry.
  • Wet & Dry Berths: DMC provides both wet and dry berthing facilities as part of its operational offerings, catering to ship repair, maintenance, and manufacturing services.

Location and Purpose

Situated between Port Rashid and Dubai Dry Docks, DMC enjoys a strategic location near Dubai’s key business districts, beaches, and major roadways. Upon completion, DMC will stand as a mixed-use development supporting the maritime industry, encompassing industrial, commercial, residential, and leisure facilities. It will house the country’s first National Maritime Museum and will serve as an education and training hub for maritime businesses and services.

Leasing Industrial Land


DMC offers strategically located industrial ship repair plots available for long-term leasing. These plots are infrastructure-ready, suitable for companies aiming to establish and build their facilities within DMC. With upgraded utilities and facilities, DMC ensures a conducive environment for maritime enterprises to thrive.

Ship Lifts and Berthing Facilities

Within the industrial district of DMC, specialized ship repair capabilities are supported by two advanced ship lifts capable of hoisting 6,000 and 3,000 tons respectively. These ship lifts facilitate efficient maintenance and repair operations for vessels of varying sizes. Additionally, DMC offers a range of wet and dry berthing options, catering to maritime services including ship repair, maintenance, and manufacturing. This comprehensive approach ensures that vessels can be seamlessly accommodated and serviced, enhancing the overall operational efficiency of the maritime businesses within DMC.

Educational and Training Hub

At the heart of DMC lies the Dubai Maritime City Campus, an educational institution offering a curriculum covering marine engineering, marine transportation, naval science, and more. With the capacity to host over 1,300 students, the campus supports the development of skilled professionals for the maritime sector. The campus also features key amenities such as a mosque, a business hotel, a seafarers club, a convention center, and a well-equipped two-story library. This holistic approach to education and training reinforces DMC’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of maritime industry leaders.

Strategic Location and Connectivity

Positioned near Dubai’s creek area business district, DMC benefits from its strategic location with easy access to Port Rashid, Dubai Dry Docks, Jumeirah Beach Road, Bur Dubai, Shindaga Tunnel in Deira, Dubai International Airport, and Sheikh Zayed Road. The site is seamlessly connected to Dubai’s principal expressways, ensuring efficient connectivity within the city and beyond. The causeway linking DMC to the wider road network is a key enabler, enhancing accessibility for businesses and visitors alike.

Vision and Growth

Dubai Maritime City shows the city’s dedication to a full maritime ecosystem and its forward-thinking. DMC shapes Dubai’s maritime economy through its diversified zones, cutting-edge infrastructure, training programs, and maritime services. DMC helps Dubai become a worldwide maritime hub with sustainable growth by enabling marine firms to prosper, collaborate, and innovate.

Innovative Facilities for Maritime Business


Dubai Maritime City’s commitment to innovation extends to its modern warehousing facilities. These warehouses are thoughtfully designed and constructed using the latest storage and material handling technologies. With over 200 warehouses spread across four distinct zones, they cater to a range of maritime business needs. These contemporary warehousing solutions align with industry best practices, providing seamless storage experiences for business owners within DMC.

Flexible Warehousing Options

Dubai Maritime City acknowledges the diversity of business requirements within the maritime sector. Therefore, it offers a range of pre-built maritime units, accommodating both small and large warehouses. These warehouses start from 510 square meters (5,490 square feet) and serve as storage spaces for spare parts and materials crucial for marine-related activities. This flexibility ensures that businesses of all scales find suitable spaces tailored to their operational needs.

Enhanced Security Measures

Safety and security are paramount within DMC. The entire area is a gated zone, bolstered by vigilant round-the-clock security personnel who monitor all access points. Additionally, a network of CCTV cameras ensures comprehensive surveillance coverage. Adhering to rigorous health, safety, and environmental (HSE) policies for industrial preventive measures, Dubai Maritime City ensures a secure environment for businesses to operate effectively and protect their assets.

Facilitating Ship Repair

One of DMC’s standout services is the facilitation of ship repair. DMC’s facility offers the ability to book berths and utilize ship lifts, a highly sought-after service for ship repair companies in the region. This convenience is accessible through online booking and caters not only to DMC’s business partners but also to agents and shipping companies, further enhancing DMC’s role as a hub for maritime services.

Holistic Approach to Maritime Services


Dubai Maritime City has succeeded in integrating all facets of the maritime industry into its ecosystem. By providing a conducive environment for maritime businesses to establish themselves, DMC offers immediate access to a network of services, ranging from industrial facilities to regulatory support and comprehensive infrastructure. This integrated approach ensures that businesses within DMC are well-equipped to meet their diverse operational needs.

A Future-Oriented Maritime Landscape

Dubai marine City showcases Dubai’s commitment to marine development with its strategic ship lifts, cutting-edge berthing facilities, cutting-edge warehousing solutions, and comprehensive maritime education and training. DMC is a vibrant marine hub that will affect the industry regionally and globally by embracing innovation, connection, and collaboration. As maritime businesses continue to evolve and expand, Dubai Maritime City remains a steadfast partner in their growth journey.

Commitment to Sustainable Growth

Dubai Maritime City is shaping the maritime industry of tomorrow with a strong commitment to sustainability. As businesses expand and operate within its precincts, DMC places emphasis on adopting green building technologies and practices. The LEED GOLD Rating achieved by Grandweld’s shipyard within DMC exemplifies the focus on environmental responsibility. This commitment not only benefits the immediate environment but also contributes to Dubai’s broader sustainable development goals.

Enabling Collaborative Excellence

In its role as a collaborative maritime ecosystem, Dubai Maritime City fosters synergies between businesses, professionals, and institutions. By providing the infrastructure and spaces that allow for seamless interaction, DMC nurtures an environment where innovation and knowledge exchange thrive. The presence of an educational campus, alongside state-of-the-art facilities, further reinforces DMC’s role in nurturing a pool of skilled talent essential for the maritime sector’s continued advancement.

Looking Ahead

Dubai Maritime City leads Dubai’s ambition for a diverse and thriving economy as it evolves. DMC cements its nautical competence through nurturing a dynamic maritime environment of education, research, industry, and infrastructure. DMC pledges to provide world-class facilities and services that elevate the maritime industry with each expansion phase.

A Beacon of Maritime Excellence

Dubai Maritime City’s story is one of ambition, innovation, and growth. DMC sets the bar high for the whole maritime community by consolidating its services, education, industry, and infrastructure. Dubai marine City (DMC) is a symbol of Dubai’s unyielding commitment to being at the forefront of the marine industry’s transition to a sustainable, profitable future. Dubai Maritime City is a reliable collaborator, open to the many forthcoming challenges and opportunities in the maritime industry.

Embracing Global Connectivity


Dubai Maritime City’s significance extends beyond its borders, embracing global connectivity. As a member of the DP World group of companies, DMC is intricately linked to a vast network of maritime operations worldwide. This affiliation amplifies DMC’s reach, facilitating seamless trade, logistics, and maritime activities that resonate far beyond the city’s limits. By being part of this global network, DMC solidifies Dubai’s position as a pivotal player in the international maritime industry.

Cultivating Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Innovation is at the heart of Dubai Maritime City’s ethos. Beyond its existing services, DMC actively encourages entrepreneurship and innovation within the maritime sector. DMC propels startups and forward-thinking ventures as a platform for emerging ideas, fostering an environment where it nurtures, develops, and transforms bold ideas into impactful solutions that shape the future of maritime operations.

A Legacy for Generations

Dubai Maritime City’s legacy goes beyond infrastructure and economic growth. It stands as a legacy of vision, determination, and collaboration that will benefit generations to come. DMC promotes sustainable marine development in Dubai and worldwide through cutting-edge facilities, education, and services. DMC shapes the maritime landscape for the long run by adapting to industry trends.

Navigating the Seas of Success


Dubai Maritime City’s voyage has been one of progress, innovation, and determination. From its strategic location to its diversified zones, comprehensive amenities, and sustainability, DMC is destined to become a global marine hub. Dubai Maritime City will lead the maritime industry to prosperity, sustainability, and excellence as it evolves. DMC’s diverse products and persistent dedication are transforming Dubai’s marine landscape and inspiring the nautical globe.

Related FAQs

Dubai Maritime City is a versatile maritime zone that serves as a member of the DP World group of companies. It acts as a hub for various maritime activities, including ship repair, manufacturing, education, and more, contributing to the growth and development of the maritime sector.

Dubai Maritime City comprises several zones and districts, including the Maritime Centre District, Industrial Precinct, Dubai Maritime City Campus, Marina District and Harbor Residences, and Harbor Offices. Each zone serves unique purposes, ranging from corporate hubs to educational centers and mixed-use areas.

Dubai Maritime City is committed to sustainable growth by incorporating green building technologies and practices. For instance, the LEED GOLD Rating achieved by Grandweld’s shipyard demonstrates the city’s dedication to environmental responsibility and fostering eco-friendly practices within the maritime industry.

Dubai Maritime City features an educational institution known as the Dubai Maritime City Campus, offering marine-focused education in various disciplines. It also encourages innovation by providing a platform for startups and forward-thinking ventures within the maritime sector to thrive and contribute new ideas.

Dubai Maritime City offers a comprehensive facility that allows businesses to book berths and utilize ship lifts for efficient ship repair and maintenance. This service is accessible online and benefits not only DMC’s business partners but also agents and shipping companies, streamlining maritime operations.

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