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Eight maritime systems that provide ship safety and security!- Various marine systems that work together to ensure ship security and safety at sea are in place. These systems keep the maritime industry on track, from tracking ships to assuring prompt assistance in times of emergency.

Five such systems are described below, which assist in maintaining ship safety and give vital data for the industry’s overall flawless operation.

Eight maritime systems that provide ship safety and security!

Security Reporting System for Ships

The ship security reporting system is an alerting system that allows ships to submit distress signals directly to the Horn of Africa Maritime Security Centre (MSCHOA) and UK Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO).

The ship security reporting system replaced the previous ship security alert system, which was slow and useless.

System of Automatic Identification

The Automatic Identification System, or AIS, is excellent ship navigation and tracking system that can determine a ship’s exact location and other navigational statistics. The system also aids in transmitting and receiving real-time data between ships and the shore.

The Global Maritime Distress Safety System

The GMDSS system uses maritime safety information and a general communication channel to receive distress signals from ships in peril. To send and receive signals, the GMDSS system relies on various components such as INMARSAT, NAVEX, and EPIRB. According to SOLAS, there are specific GMDSS regulations that must be followed by every ship.

Long-Range Tracking and Identification System

The International Maritime Organization adopted the Long Range Tracking and Identification System under the SOLAS Treaty to offer a comprehensive tracker for ships worldwide.

Automated Manifest System

The Automated Manifest System (AMS) is a cargo tracking system that requires ships to enter information about the goods they are transporting.

The Container Security Program is another cargo security initiative launched by the United States.

Vessel Monitoring System

Ship Tracking Technology, also known as the Vessel Monitoring System, is an essential system in the shipping industry for determining the whereabouts of ships across the world. It is a necessary component of any ship tracking and vessel monitoring system.

Automated Mutual Assistance Vessel Rescue System

AMVER is a maritime safety system developed by the United States Coast Guard to provide fast help to distressed vessels. The technique aids in the discovery of the vessel’s location, allowing for better crisis management.

Vessel Management System

A vessel management system employs various techniques. VMS uses the global positioning system to pinpoint the location of ships and transfer critical weather and environmental data.

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