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Fishing Solutions from Inmarsat- The fishing industry has undergone a revolution thanks to Inmarsat’s reliable fleet of solutions. From Fleet Xpress, which provides fast internet connectivity and rapid data, to services that allow fishermen to stay in touch over long distances, such as FleetBroadband and Crew Xpress, any fishing-related need can be fulfilled. 

With Inmarsat’s network, even when the weather is bad, no fishing boat is left without the connection it needs. Fishing fleets can use Inmarsat’s many features, such as ship management systems, to make their next trip out to sea go smoothly.

Locate fish quicker

The Fleet Xpress and FleetBroadband services from Inmarsat can help fishing fleets quickly and accurately find fish in certain areas. With an advanced network of satellite communications, these services allow fishermen to track fish accurately and in real time, which saves them time. 

Also, crew members who use Inmarsat’s Crew Xpress can keep a better eye on fishing areas and make better decisions about which areas to target. This lets fishermen get the most fish out of each season. So, Inmarsat’s Fleet Xpress and FleetBroadband services make fishing fleets much more productive by helping them find fish quickly and catch the most of them.

With Inmarsat services, access to the most recent fishing reports, oceanographic data, and weather updates in real time can make or break the profitability of your catch. easy monitoring of fuel use, engine performance, and maintenance updates to improve route planning and vessel performance. Enable instantaneous communication between onshore teams, offshore surveillance, and onboard sensors.

Whether you are the captain of a small-scale tuna purse seine boat, a commercial shrimp trawler, or a traditional wooden long-tail boat, Inmarsat can help you plot the optimal course to find fish faster and more efficiently.

Rapid catch reporting

Rapid catch reporting is an important tool when it comes to fishing. The information gathered can be used to make fishing laws and policies that will help keep fishing populations healthy and make fishing better. By using this effective method, fishermen can share their catches in real-time with the authorities. This helps them make better decisions, which is good for the fishing industry and fishing resources. Rapid reporting of catches has a lot of benefits, like making fishing operations more sustainable and improving fishing supply chains.

Turn on the Inmarsat report and sell fish faster! Keep in touch with your team on the water and immediately update your electronic log book with catch details. There is no need to maintain laborious and time-consuming paper files. Transfer catch information online much more quickly than your competitors, and sell more quickly to get the best possible price for your catch wherever you are in the world.

Keep costs in check

In fishing, keeping costs in check is key to running a successful fishing business. Fishermen need to find reliable and effective ways to fish that allow them to stay within their budgets and still catch enough fish. Good cost management also lets fishermen be flexible when market prices change, since they can make changes quickly while minimizing the effect on their business’s bottom line. With the right monitoring and planning, fishing businesses can keep making money and keep costs down.

With Fleet Xpress from Inmarsat, you can be sure that you will always have a connection, no matter where you are. With the highest levels of availability and unlimited FleetBroadband backup, you and your crew can stay connected even in the most dangerous waters. Seasonal packages that are flexible, scalable, and have fixed prices let you take charge of your plans and bandwidth costs. If you know how much bandwidth you are using, you will never again have to deal with a bill that is hard to pay.

Keep the finest crew

As fishing season ramps up, it is important to maintain crew contact at all times. Having a list of captains’ and crews’ names, home ports, fishing permit numbers, and other information can help make sure everyone knows where everyone else is. 

Men and women who work in fishing should give regular updates on the number of miles they’ve traveled, how hard they fished during their trips, and any problems that may come up with fishing. Having a central place where this information can be kept or quickly accessed can help Keeping in touch with their crews helps fishing fleets stay safe at sea and keep making money during the busy fishing season. important information about how fishing operations are going. 

Keeping in touch with their crews helps fishing fleets stay safe at sea and keep making money during the busy fishing season.

Long stretches at sea need not demoralize your workforce. Maintain your crew’s happiness and interest in their work, and make their days and weeks at sea a breeze by keeping them connected to their lives at home. Inmarsat offers packages that are flexible and easy to use so that your crew can stay in touch with family, friends, and entertainment without affecting business-critical bandwidth. 

Fish with assurance

Fishing is a hobby that comes with its own set of rewards and risks, and fishing with assurance is essential for the safety of all. When fishing, people should follow the local fishing laws, pay attention to their surroundings, and take safety precautions to avoid possible dangers.

 It’s important to choose your fishing gear carefully and use it correctly so that you can enjoy fishing safely and do more than just catch fish. Learning how to fish before going fishing will also help fishermen catch as many fish as possible while staying safe. With appropriate preparation and caution, fishing with assurance can ensure a successful fishing experience.

Stay on top of legal compliance and strict rules with Inmarsat’s fast, secure, and reliable connections for full transparency and real-time reporting. Using vessel monitoring systems (VMS), you can tell the government and fishing officials where your boat is right away. 

Services offered by Inmarsat for fishing

Best Fishing Solutions from Inmarsat

Fleet Xpress

Fleet Xpress lets businesses quickly consolidate and scale their IT needs by making the most of the power of Inmarsat’s connectivity solutions. This can be done safely over a simplified endpoint network, making management easier and giving better control over costs, data usage, and the digitalization strategy for now and in the future.


With FleetBroadband, you can traverse even the roughest waters with confidence. Having access to real-time weather reports and electronic charts gives you a clear picture of your trip. Remote diagnostics let you plan your route better, save money on fuel, and get more out of your crew. And if that weren’t enough, you’ll be able to make multiple calls simultaneously anywhere in the world—talk about having it all! Keep your vessel operating safely, day or night, knowing reliable communications from shore are always just one call away.

Crew Xpress

Give your crew the best way to communicate, which will boost morale and keep important missions connected. Enjoy the pinnacle of connectivity in its simplest form!

Fleet One

Having the right form of communication while fishing is essential. Without it, fishing can be frustrating if fishermen can’t get the help they need in an emergency or just can’t talk to the other people in their fishing group. And now, with Inmarsat’s cost-effective voice and data communication solution, fishermen all over the world can stay connected even when they feel like they’re leaving it all behind. The Inmarsat Fleet One solution allows fishing parties to keep each other informed quickly and easily with calls, texts, and emails, giving true peace of mind that leisure fishing doesn’t have to be a disconnected one.


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