The success of the shipping business depends on the availability of ships and boats that can make their way from one place to another while toting a wide range of cargo. The construction period for medium to large vessels typically ranges from six months to over a year and a half. Therefore, the shipbuilding industry continues to control and restrict trade based on the number of vessels built, regardless of how robust the maritime transport industry may be. Here, We will discuss the Top Shipbuilding Companies in India.

1. Sadhav Offshore Engg. Co

Sadhav was established in 1992 to do O&M and MRO on ships and offshore infrastructure. Sadhav is a trusted leader in the Indian Marine Logistics, engineering, and Shipyard industries, guided by our core beliefs and principles. Offshore Logistics, Dry Dock and Ship Repair, and Oil Spill Response are all fields in which we excel and do so with great strength. We continue substantial businesses in Coastal Logistics, Port Services, Offshore Oil and gas, and Ship Building projects.

Anchors Aweigh_ India's Ship Building Giants Unveiled

2. SHM Group

SHM has its headquarters in Mumbai, providing a “one-stop solution” for sales and services by keeping an end-to-end infrastructure for production, supply, service, and repair in place. Knowing that someone you can trust is taking care of you is the source of the “peace of mind” provided by our skilled and qualified team. Our services offer our customers the autonomy they need to pursue their goals in life, whether those goals are to open a business, make a sale, visit a new country. SHM Shipcare is pleased with its modern technology and extensive expertise in the business as the foundation for its customer-centric, solution-based methodology.

3. L&T Shipbuilding west

Both the Kattupalli shipyard in the vicinity of Chennai, the state capital of Tamil Nadu, and the Hazira shipyard in Surat, Gujarat, are in operation by L&T Shipbuilding. Chennai, India, is home to both L&T Shipbuilding’s corporate headquarters and cutting-edge Warship Design Center. Warships, submarines, auxiliary vessels/crafts, and specialized commercial ships are all constructed at both yards. Kattupalli Shipyard also does refits and repairs on military and commercial vessels. It is one of the famous Shipbuilding Companies in India.

Beyond Boundaries_ India's Noteworthy Ship Building Companies

4. Chidambaram Shipcare Private Limited

Founded by first-generation technocrat entrepreneur Shri. K. Chidambaram, a First Class marine engineer Chief Engineer with Great Eastern Shipping Ltd, this ISO-accredited company since 1996 started operations in 1982 and has been a customer-driven entity. The company has been a preferred afloat ship repair service provider for India’s leading shipping companies and many foreign vessels calling Chennai, Mumbai and other ports.

5. Dempo Shipbuilding & Engineering Private Limited

Dempo Shipbuilding has two state-of-the-art shipyards, one on the Zuari (for vessels needing a deeper draught) at Undir, Bandora. And one on the Mandovi at Bainguinim, Old Goa, strategically placed a few kilometres upstream from the Arabian Sea in Goa on the West Coast of India. Dempo Shipbuilding’s main office is in the Indian city of Panaji, Goa.

6. West Coast Shipyard

Located on the picturesque banks of the River Zuari in Goa, India and spread over 14,000 square meters of land, West Coast Shipyard (WCS) forms part of the Cabral Group of Companies. At its inception in 1986, the Shipyard served as a maintenance yard for barges. In recent times, however, we have expanded its capabilities and infrastructure to encompass repairs of a wide gamut of vessels and new construction. The Shipyard builds various marine ships while pushing technological innovation and productivity. Steel fishing trawlers, tugs, dredgers, passenger launches, catamarans, ferry boats, pleasure craft, jack-up platforms, micro bulk carriers, and pontoons.

From Blueprint to Bow: India's Premier Ship Builders

7. Bharati Shipyard Limited

On June 22, 1976, what is today known as Bharati Defence and Infrastructure Limited was incorporated as Bharati Shipyard Limited. A partnership was formed in 1968; by 1976, it had become a Limited Company, and by 1996, it had become a public Limited Company. It has state-of-the-art shipbuilding and fabrication facilities in Dabhol, Ratnagiri, Goa, Mangalore, Chennai and Kolkata. The company’s IPO in 2004 was oversubscribed 78 times. It is one of the famous Shipbuilding Companies in India.

8. Master Shipyard Private Limited

Master Shipyard (Pvt) Limited is a shipbuilding company located at Edakochi, famous for its traditional shipbuilding and repairing legacy. The Shipyard, Dock and Workshop area is spread over six acres. The company has so far successfully built and launched four barges and is in the process of constructing a coastal vessel and three more barges. The yard is equip to make vessels up to 3500 DWT. Master Shipyards is an SSI unit.

9. Garden Reach Shipbuilders And Engineers Limited

GRSE, a shipbuilding company for the Indian Navy and Coast Guard, is managed by the MoD. In 2018, 2017, and 2016, GRSE’s shipbuilding segment generated 94.14, 90.13, 92.19%, and 94.76% of its gross income. GRSE’s engineering expertise extends beyond ship and warship construction, including engine manufacturing and other fields. Products, including portable steel bridges, marine pumps, and deck gear, are produce by the engineering department.

Navigating Excellence_ Top Ship Building Companies in India

10. Global Tech INDIA

We are a diversified group of Marine service and Trading companies with offices in the UK, Hong Kong, India and Dubai. Our marine division provides many support services to shipping and ship-management companies worldwide. We are Senior Marine Engineers with 200 years of on- and off-water experience. Our field knowledge and connections allow us to address your questions.


1. What are the key factors contributing to India’s success in shipbuilding?

India’s success in shipbuilding can be attribute to a skilled workforce, cost-effective operations, and adherence to international quality standards.

2. Which are some prominent vessels constructe by Indian shipbuilding companies?

Indian shipbuilders have been responsible for crafting various vessels, including cargo ships, offshore platforms, naval vessels, and even specialized vessels.

3. How do Indian shipbuilding companies compete globally?

Indian shipbuilders compete globally by offering competitive pricing, leveraging advanced technology, adhering to strict quality standards, and providing timely delivery.

Rising Tide_ Exploring India's Ship Building Sector

4. Are Indian shipbuilding companies environmentally conscious?

Yes, many Ship Building companies in India prioritize environmental sustainability by adopting eco-friendly construction practices, utilizing green technologies, and complying with international regulations.

5. Can I visit these shipyards to witness the construction process?

Some shipyards may offer guided tours, but checking with the respective companies for their policies on public visits is advisable.

6. How can one explore career opportunities in the Indian shipbuilding industry?

Individuals interested in a career in shipbuilding can pursue relevant engineering or technical degrees. Many shipbuilding companies also offer apprenticeship programs and internships for hands-on experience. Keep an eye on their official websites for job openings and recruitment drives.

India’s maritime industry has witnessed a remarkable surge, with Indian shipbuilding companies gaining international recognition for their expertise and innovation. Companies have consistently demonstrated their prowess in constructing world-class vessels, contributing significantly to the nation’s maritime prowess. As India continues to forge ahead in the global marine landscape, these shipbuilding giants are poise to play an even more pivotal role in shaping the industry’s future.

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