When it comes to flight, the big names behind the scenes are the companies that design and build the beautiful planes that fly over our skies. The world’s biggest aircraft makers connect people from all over the world. They include industry giants with a history that goes back decades and cutting-edge newcomers pushing the limits of aerospace technology. In this article, we’ll look at the top 10 Aircraft Manufacturing Companies and show how they’ve helped the always-changing world of flight.

1. Raytheon Technologies

Raytheon Company, one of the biggest aircraft manufacturers in the world and one of the biggest defense contractors in the US, employed 67,000 people. Founded in 1922, it eventually grew to become the largest guided missile manufacturer in the world by 2012. In 2020, Raytheon and United Technologies united to form Raytheon Technologies, but Raytheon was only sometimes the massive enterprise it is today. Currently, Collins Aerospace, Pratt & Whitney, Raytheon Intelligence & Space, and Raytheon Missiles & Defense are all part of this parent business.

2. Boeing

Closely ranked second on our list is the massive American multinational corporation Boeing. Boeing has been the industry leader since its founding in 1916 and produces a wide range of aircraft products, including telecom equipment, satellites, helicopters, rockets, and airplanes.

Boeing ranks among the significant aircraft firms globally in revenue, serving as a military supplier and defense contractor. The substantial tax benefits and subsidies that the Boeing business obtains as a contractor indeed have an impact on this.

Nevertheless, the company also produces civil aircraft, producing 380 of them.

A portion of the recent revenue decline could be attributed to issues with the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, which was placed on official grounding following two catastrophic incidents.

The Boeing Company has changed internally due to these sad events to guarantee quality and safety.

A Closer Look at the Top 10 Aircraft Manufacturers Worldwide

3. Lockheed Martin

Born in 1995 from the merging of the Lockheed Martin Marietta enterprises, Lockheed Martin is a relatively new company that has grown to become a leader in its field.

This American manufacturer of information security, defense, and military weapons employs more than 110,000 people.

Almost three-quarters of Lockheed Martin’s annual revenue in 2013 came from military sales, making it one of the most significant federal contractors in the United States. They produce and deliver spacecraft, rotary and mission systems, missiles, and fire control equipment in addition to aeronautics. Lockheed Martin has faced criticism and accusations of wrongdoing similar to other defense contractors.

4. Airbus Americas

Airbus SE, a European firm, has been a prominent player in the aerospace manufacturing sector since its founding in 1970. But as of 2019, Airbus has overtaken the long-standing leader, Boeing, and has remained in first place ever since.

Although they are based in the Netherlands, France, and Spain, Airbus has offices worldwide. They produce airplanes for both military and commercial use, and their products have carried more than 12 billion passengers worldwide.

Even though the organization has achieved several unquestionable triumphs, it has also encountered controversy on occasion. One of these disputes is on the type of government subsidies Airbus receives, as well as the legitimacy and equity of these agreements.

Nevertheless, this group remains close to the top of our list despite these controversies.

The 10 Titans of Aircraft Manufacturing Globally

5. Northrop Grumman

Another US defense technology corporation with over $36 billion in revenue from the aerospace sector comes in at number five on our list.

Despite having roots that go back to World War II, this Virginian corporation is a relatively new player, having just been formally incorporated in 1994.

The most well-known product of Northrop Grumman’s aerospace production is the X-47B combat aerial vehicle, the first autonomous, unmanned aircraft system to fly out of an aircraft carrier.

This business is renowned for pioneering the development of B-21 raiders and nuclear-weapons-capable aircraft. Like many other things on this list, it has had its fair share of controversy and criticism.

6. GE Aviation

GE Aviation, a company from the heart of America, narrowly misses our top five. It is formerly known as General Electric Aircraft Engines (GEAE), is remarkably not officially classified as a defense contractor in the United States despite having developed or used military technologies in the past.

Most of the time, GE Aviation supplies engines for commercial aviation, powering most of the aircraft in operation today. They produce a variety of technologies, including turbofans and turbojets.

One of the most giant corporations in the world, the General Electric (GE) conglomerate, owns GE Aviation. Upon its founding in 1917, GE Aviation employed 48,000 people.

The Top 10 Aircraft Manufacturing Companies Worldwide

7. Rolls-Royce Holdings Plc

Established in 1904, the Rolls-Royce firm is well-known for its high-end vehicles, but it also plays a significant role in the aviation production sector.

The parent firm of the automobile manufacturer Rolls-Royce Holdings is a defense and aerospace business that is the second-largest producer of aircraft engines.

This British defense contractor has been the target of severe allegations of corruption, which is not unusual for businesses of this kind. More than 50,000 people work for Rolls-Royce Holdings, which produces rocket engines, turbofans, and turboprops.

8. Textron Aviation

Established in 2014, Textron Aviation is the aerospace division of the multinational corporation Textron. After acquiring Beechcraft and Hawker Aircraft and combining them with its Cessna brand, Textron created Textron Aviation.

These days, Textron Aviation manufactures small aircraft, primarily for private use, under the Beechcraft and Cessna brands. Their sales are not tiny, despite the small size of their aircraft.

The Top 10 Aircraft Manufacturing Firms in the World

9. Honeywell Aerospace

The engineering and technology firm Honeywell is involved in several different industries, including energy, security, and urbanization. Auxiliary power units (APUs), avionics, and aircraft engines are among the products made by the company’s aptly called aerospace division.

The business Honeywell Aerospace changed the face of aviation in both military and commercial applications when it pioneered autopilot and supplied avionics for bomber planes during World War II. The business has led the way in aviation safety and technology ever since.

A significant portion of Honeywell’s business, Honeywell Aerospace, generates almost a third of the company’s total revenue.

10. Leonardo DRS

Leonardo-Finnmecanica, often known as Leonardo in Italian, comes in at ten to complete our list. Founded in 1948, Leonardo is a security, defense, and aerospace corporation. This is an S.p.A., or public business, and the Italian government owns 30.2% of the company, making it its largest stakeholder.

To produce its space goods, military and security systems, helicopters, and aircraft, Leonardo employs about 49,000 people. This publicly traded firm has operations in more than 180 locations across the globe, and based on its appearance, it has a spotless record.

Unveiling the World's Leading Aircraft Manufacturing Companies

The aerospace business shows how creative people can be and how determined they are to reach the sky. These ten plane makers are cutting-edge technology, and each has changed how we travel the world forever. When we think about the future, these leaders in the aviation business will continue to plan new routes and change the rules of what is possible in the sky.

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