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Why Is It Important To Use Our Dataloggers in Fruits And Vegetable export business?

Vegetables are perishable commodities and must be handled carefully to minimize damage and deterioration. Vegetables are typically shipped in containers that are loaded onto trucks or railcars. From there, they are transported to ports where they are loaded onto ships. Once at their destination, these vegetables are unloaded and delivered to stores or warehouses. Throughout this process, vegetables are susceptible to damage from mishandling, rough roads, and bad weather. In addition, vegetables can be damaged by exposure to extreme cold or hot temperatures. As a result, care must be taken to ensure that vegetables are correctly packaged and protected from potential sources of damage.

Major Problems Faced And Why It Is Important:

  • No Proper log on departure and arrival of shipment.

  • It’s crucial to know if your vegetables are leaving on time, where they stopped on the way, and when it has reached their destination. This way, you can address the problems in transportation and improve the delivery time. “Fresh vegetables are the best vegetables.”

  • Goods were stolen on the way.

  • In most cases, goods may be stolen with the help of drivers or when the container is left alone at a rest stop or cargo holdings.

  • Shipment may have been damaged due to rush driving, mishandling during loading and unloading, and rough road.

  • Finding who is responsible for damaging your goods to change or improve the quality of vegetables is imperative. It’s a blame game between drivers and loaders when it comes to damaged goods. It’s crucial to know where and what damaged your goods. 

  • Exposure to heat, cold and water, or bad weather. 

  • It is essential to know if your shipment is affected on the way due to rain, cold, or sun, as some of the fruits and vegetable quality depends on it. It will be very helpful in package strategy on your next shipment.

How Our Dataloggers Solve Your Issues:

  • With the help of GPS and Geo-fencing, Our device alerts/logs when the shipments leaves, are moved, or arrive at their destination. And tracks the shipment at regular intervals. 
  • A highly durable military-grade device, it can’t be turned off or broken easily by anyone. 
  • With the help of the G shock sensor, our device alerts/logs when the shipment is dropped, vibration due to rough roads and rush driving, 
  • With the help of relative humidity, air pressure, and temperature sensors, our device alerts/logs if the shipments are exposed to heat, cold, and water. 
  • With the help of light sensors, our device alerts/logs if the container is opened. 
  • Exporting Overseas? No problem. Our device has a battery capacity for up to five years and can store up to 2000 reports offline (without GSM coverage). So all the data stored in sea or remote areas will be pushed to our site when connected to our global coverage. 

To conclude, “Prevention is better than cure.” And without knowing the cause, you can’t prevent anything. Use our dataloggers to analyze the issues that you might face and solve them with your expert team at hand by the data from our system. 

You can save up to 40% on export costs by investing just 250$ per year. 

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