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7 World’s First Vessels- Some of the most impressive ships, presently “world firsts” of their kind, were launched in the maritime sector in 2018. Look at some of the most successful product releases this year.

7 World’s First Vessels

First Polar Class Duel Fuel In The World

The M/T Mia Desgagnés, the first polar-class dual-fuel oil/chemical tanker in the world, was christened and launched by Desgagnés.

The Mia Desgagnés can carry chemicals or refined petroleum products thanks to its tanks’ capacity of more than 17,000 m3 and over 15,000 tonnes of deadweight. The Besiktas shipyard in Turkey constructed this cutting-edge vessel employing a unique design and set of requirements created by Desgagnés to maximize operating effectiveness, environmental performance, and safety.

First Cruise Ship Powered By LNG In The World

This year saw the introduction of AIDAnova, the first cruise ship in the world that can run on low-emission liquefied natural gas (LNG) both at sea and in port.

By 2023, two more AIDA ships of this new generation will be constructed at the Papenburg, Germany-based Meyer Werft shipyard. The vessel has a 3,500 square metre spa centre, an outdoor gym, a two-deck Penthouse Suite, single cabins, 17 restaurants, and 23 bars.

The First LNGC In The World With A Full Re-Liquefaction System

The first LNG carriers in the world were launched by Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering, employing a full re-liquefaction technology that entirely re-liquefies the evaporative gas produced by LNG carriers.

Natural gas naturally vaporizes in the cargo hold during the operation of the LNG carrier. The natural gas re-liquefaction system is a technology that re-liquefies natural gas and returns it to the cargo hold.

First Zero Emission Vessel In The World

This year, the owner and operator of tourist ships The Fjords took ownership of a boat that raises the bar for considerate passenger transportation. Future of The Fjords, a 42-meter-long, 400-person all-electric catamaran made of carbon fibre, is the first to provide completely emission-free travel through the stunning but vulnerable Western Norwegian landscape.

Two 450kW electric motors power the NOK 144 million ship, allowing it to cruise at 16 knots for the duration of the breathtaking 90-minute roundtrip journey. Another first is the creation of the Power Dock, a unique charging system by The Fjords and Brdrene Aa.

World’s First LNG Carrier Of The Next Generation

The first “Sayaringo STaGE” next-generation LNG carrier, named Diamond Gas Orchid, was handed over to Diamond LNG Shipping, a partnership between Mitsubishi Corporation and Nippon Yusen Kabushiki Kaisha. The Diamond Gas Orchid’s continuous steel cover increases LNG carrying capacity while lowering ship weight and air resistance. The acronym STaGE stands for “Steam Turbine and Gas Engines,” The Diamond Gas Orchid exhibits the most recent advancements in marine technology thanks to its enhanced environmental performance, fuel efficiency, and transport capacity.

First Digital Drilling Vessel In The World

As we continue to enhance data-driven operations support while generating sizable efficiencies in drilling operations, GE and Noble Corporation plc introduced the Digital RigSM solution and the first digital drilling vessel in 2018.

The Digital Rig solution combines sophisticated analytics with data models from a digital twin, or digital counterpart of tangible assets, to identify out-of-the-ordinary behaviour and give operators a head start on problem-solving. Personnel on board or ashore may now see the overall health of the ship as well as the current operation of each piece of equipment, thanks to vessel-wide information.

The First Passenger Ship With Rotor Sails In The World

The LNG-powered Viking Grace, the first passenger ship in the world with a rotor sail for wind power, has a rotor sail installed by Viking Line. By its Guidance Notes for Flettner Rotor Approval, LR approved the sail installation structure and risk assessment.

The approvals were carried out to ensure that the Flettner rotor wouldn’t jeopardize the crew’s safety or the ship’s ability to operate safely.

Additional Mentions: 

The first container ship in the world to receive certification from LR as a cyber-enabled ship.

The first container ship to ever get LR’s Cyber-enabled ship (CES) descriptive remark “Cyber AL3 SECURE PERFORM” for its energy management system is the MV COSCO Shipping Aries, which was launched this year.

The first 20K TEU level ultra-large container ship constructed in a Chinese shipyard and owned by COSCO Shipping Container Lines is the MV COSCO Shipping Aries. She is one of the world’s giant container ships and has advanced cyber capabilities. We have always placed a high value on the cyber-enabled fleet to improve fleet management, lower energy use, and control emissions.

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