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The tranquility of a cruise took an unexpected turn as the MV Britannia, a renowned P&O Cruises ship, faced a fierce storm in Mallorca, Spain. Passengers witnessed a dramatic scene as the ship broke free from its moorings and collided with a freight vessel, prompting emergency responses and raising alarms across the seascape.

Chaos Unleashed: The Storm’s Impact


A Paper Boat Afloat

Mallorca Storms – Passengers recounted the heart-pounding moment when the ship’s tethering lines snapped, sending the Britannia floating away “like a paper boat.” The chaos unfolded amidst an emergency drill, adding to the unexpected nature of the incident. A walkway plummeted into the sea, and debris scattered as the elements raged on.

Brave Staff and Battered Sunbeds

The ship’s crew swiftly sprang into action, working tirelessly to manage the situation. Passengers described sunbeds flipping and the ship dangerously close to the breakwater rocks. The storm’s intensity was such that some families even donned life jackets for added safety, while others compared the scene to something out of “The Wizard of Oz.”

Captains and Conditions

The Britannia Cruise Ship captain assured passengers that, despite the turmoil, there was no structural compromise. Deck five sustained minor damage, but the ship remained sturdy. The fierce storm was identified as one of the severe thunderstorms wreaking havoc across the Balearic Islands, with torrential rain and gusts reaching 120km/h (75 mph).

Assessing the Aftermath


Safety and Scraps

Passenger Gavin McCoy reported that everyone was safe and that the ship encountered “a few scrapes and bumps to one or more lifeboats that project from the ship.” The crew’s prompt response ensured the well-being of all on board.

Technical Evaluation

As the storm subsided, technical teams assessed the ship. One lifeboat sustained structural damage beyond repair, prompting further evaluation and the need for action.

Moving Forward

Passengers’ Plight

In light of the incident, passengers were set to disembark early as the cruise’s journey altered course. The voyage, which began in Southampton, was due to conclude on September 1st. Although the storm posed unexpected challenges, passengers praised the dedication of the staff and their commitment to safety.

A Reminder of Vulnerability

The tragedy is a sobering reminder that not even the mightiest ships are impervious to the forces of nature. As the MV Britannia’s journey continues, it stands as a testament to the courage of its crew and the resilience of those who sail upon it.

As the sun sets on this tempestuous chapter, the MV Britannia sails on, a testament to human determination and the unpredictable forces of the sea.

Related FAQs

No, the Britannic was not bigger than the Titanic. The Titanic was larger in terms of gross tonnage and dimensions. However, the Britannic was designed to be safer and had improvements based on lessons learned from the Titanic.

MV Britannia has a gross tonnage of 143,730 GT, a length of 330 meters, and a capacity to accommodate 3,647 passengers along with a crew of 1,398.

The ship broke free from moorings, colliding with a freight vessel amidst a fierce storm, causing chaos and emergency responses.

A small number sustained minor injuries and received care onboard. The crew’s swift action ensured safety during the incident.

Despite the chaos, the ship’s captain confirmed there was no structural compromise. Minor damage was reported on deck five, but the ship remained sturdy.

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