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Stay Right Ahead And Plan Wise – The Use of Trackers To Face The Aftermath Of War or Natural disaster.

The Unprecedented Times: The world is not the same anymore, from the changes in the environment and climate to the tensions between nations that have grown to a massive level in today’s times. So how can you be prepared to face all these hurdles and protect your loved ones as well as your assets?

Stay Right Ahead And Plan Wise

Staying informed of the situations is essential, but it is vital to be on the move and face any difficult situations that may hit us.

Example: The recent Russia-Ukraine war, Palestine-Israel war, the Iran war, sudden floods in Pakistan, wildfires in the USA, energy crises over the world, and so on have had the greatest impact on the countries’ economies globally.

So, in these challenging times, how can we plan to have a secure future in terms of safety for our families, friends, and businesses?

One of the areas we would bring into light in this present condition is the revolutionary technology of GPS, IoT, and satellite tracking devices, how they have evolved, and how they will efficiently help in tackling our safety in times of war and natural disasters.

The Use of Trackers To Face The Aftermath Of War or Natural disaster

The GPS:

The satellite navigation system that receives information from space-based satellites is coupled to GPS tracking systems. Vehicle monitoring, fleet management, asset security, personal safety, and other uses are all possible with GPS tracking systems. Customers can configure and get real-time, step-by-step directions using GPS tracking technologies.

Nothing compares to the security of GPS asset tracking when it comes to knowing where your assets are. You can maintain track of important things like vehicles, large equipment, and construction tools wherever they are in the world by installing a small, discreet GPS asset tracker on them.

The IoT – Magic In Today’s Trend

Tracking high-value assets can be done very efficiently with the help of IoT services. Your inventory’s IoT-enabled asset tracking sensors can help you track where your things are at all times. They can aid in performance management for your business. IoT asset tracking systems can be used for employee protection. Additionally, it might help in preventing theft and damage to your stuff. Systems for tracking assets in real-time could save your business.

The Trusted Trackers For You!

So basically, the first level in the planning mission will fit these devices in with suitable assets we are tagged to protect in;

Trusted Trackers are the most robust wireless IoT tracking devices in the world.

Best Features:

  • The rugged IP69k-rated devices are made to track data in even the most demanding operational conditions.
  • Install the robust internal sensors, turn them on, and then enjoy the high-precision data they produce daily.
  • Unbeatable battery life up to 5 to 8 years (No need to recharge or required power source)
  • Stick it anywhere with double-sided tape or magnet mounting. (Can be hidden anywhere for safer side for theft protection)

So basically, how does it work?

To find your assets, use these three position technologies.

When GPS is unavailable, mobile infrastructure triangulation is used to determine position.

Furthermore, a built-in radio beacon can be activated for a nearfield search utilizing a recovery scanner if a stolen asset is concealed inside buildings or other places where GPS signals cannot be received.

Create a Geosite to safeguard your Assets

Use the software Trusted Data Portal to create a geofence with our Geo site feature if your assets are immobile within a specific geographic area.

If assets or equipment depart the chosen geographic area, this function can alert you and provide you the chance to take appropriate action.

The Future:

So now is the time to plan and secure your safety perimeter for the upcoming state of affairs. The trusted trackers are covert and reliable, and the battery-powered tracker is ideal for asset recovery and theft prevention. The tracker can be placed virtually anywhere, unlike non-battery solutions, which makes it virtually invisible.

This tracker provides precise position data that improve asset visibility and enables you to reclaim your stuff quickly whether there has been a theft or you need to monitor your assets.

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